Tag 06-22

National Onion Ring Day

close up photograph of fried onion rings
National Onion Ring Day, celebrated on June 22nd, pays homage to the beloved deep-fried snack made from sliced onions coated in batter and crispy breadcrumbs. This tasty holiday invites food enthusiasts to savor the crunchy goodness of onion rings at their favorite restaurants and diners.

National Kissing Day

man and woman kiss each other
June 22nd is National Kissing Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the romantic and affectionate act of kissing. Whether it's a peck on the cheek or a passionate embrace, this holiday encourages people to express their love and appreciation through the simple gesture of a kiss.

Chocolate Eclair Day

close up of an eclair with cream and chocolate
June 22nd is Chocolate Eclair Day, a day devoted to indulging in the decadent pastry filled with creamy custard and topped with rich chocolate icing. This sweet holiday honors the timeless appeal of the classic eclair and encourages dessert lovers to satisfy their cravings.