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Cherry Tart Day

chocolate tart with cherry

Cherry Tart Day – June 17 Celebrating the delicious and delightful cherry tart! Facts About Cherry Tart Day June 17 is dedicated to celebrating the cherry tart, a delectable dessert that brings joy to many with its sweet and tangy…

Apple Strudel Day

strudel on a plate

Apple Strudel Day – June 17 Honoring the delicious and flaky apple strudel! Facts About Apple Strudel Day June 17 is the day to celebrate the beloved apple strudel, a pastry that has captured the hearts and taste buds of…

Eat Your Vegetables Day

a mother and child leaning on the table

Date: June 17 Eat Your Vegetables Day is a dedicated day to remind us all of the importance of incorporating vegetables into our daily diet. Celebrated on June 17, this day encourages people to explore the wide variety of vegetables…