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International Day of Marketing

woman in black coat
International Day of Marketing on May 27 celebrates the impact of marketing on global innovation and growth. Its origins are unclear but focus on creativity and strategy. The day highlights marketing's evolution, including digital tools, storytelling, and data-driven insights. Marketers celebrate achievements, share best practices, and inspire innovation.

National Grape Popsicle Day

woman wearing black sleeveless top

May 27th marks a delightful occasion for popsicle enthusiasts across the nation – it’s National Grape Popsicle Day! As temperatures begin to rise and the summer breeze whispers promises of sunny days ahead, what better way to celebrate than with…

Sun Screen Day

paper with a text saying dont skin the sunscreen lying on blue background
Sun Screen Day on May 27th highlights sun protection's importance. With rising awareness about UV radiation and skin cancer risks, this day emphasizes applying sunscreen, understanding SPF, and adopting broad-spectrum protection. Celebrations include sharing sun safety tips, scheduling skin cancer screenings, organizing sunscreen donation drives, and promoting sun-safe family activities.

Cellophane Tape Day

crop man sealing carton box with tape
Cellophane Tape Day on May 27th celebrates the invention by Richard Drew in 1925. The day honors cellophane tape's evolution from a simple adhesive to a versatile tool used in packaging, repairs, and crafts. Activities include DIY projects, tape art exhibitions, and creative treats, highlighting the tape's significance and innovation.