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Towel Day

white towel
On May 25, Towel Day admirers globally celebrate Douglas Adams and his "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Established in 2001, this day commemorates Adams' legacy highlighting the wit and resourcefulness in his writings, exemplified by the indispensable towel for interstellar hitchhikers. Fans participate in themed events and indulge in readings, embracing Adams' humor and the absurdity of the universe.

Tap Dance Day

three female dancers dancing
May 25 marks Tap Dance Day, honoring Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and celebrating tap's unique blend of percussive innovation and rhythmic dynamism. Originating from diverse cultural traditions, tap dance fuses African rhythms, Irish step dancing, and English clogging, evolving through legendary figures like Fred Astaire and Gregory Hines. Recognized by Congress in 1989, this day celebrates tap's rich heritage and global influence, encouraging enthusiasts worldwide to engage in tap dance festivities, cherishing its cultural legacy and communal joy.

Geek Pride Day

flag of greece
On May 25, Geek Pride Day celebrates geek culture and its eclectic interests from sci-fi to gaming. Initiated in 2006 by Germán Martínez, it coincides with Star Wars' release and Towel Day. The day emphasizes the creativity and community of geeks, highlighting their influence on popular culture and advocating for diversity and inclusion within its community. Events range from comic conventions to themed parties, encouraging everyone to proudly showcase their geekiness.