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Tiara Day

woman wearing silver tiara
Celebrate Tiara Day on May 24, a whimsical holiday honoring the elegance and sophistication of tiaras, traditionally worn by royalty and synonymous with luxury. This day coincides with Queen Victoria's birthday, reflecting on tiaras' historical significance as symbols of power and divine authority. Embrace your inner royalty by adorning a tiara, reflecting on its craftsmanship, symbolic meaning, and capacity for self-expression. Revel in the regal splendor and make every day a crowning achievement.

Escargot Day

roman snail in close up
On May 24, Escargot Day is celebrated, honoring the tradition of snail consumption that dates back to ancient times. Chosen for the harvest peak in France, this day highlights escargot's prominence in French cuisine through dishes like garlic and herb-infused snails. The holiday has evolved into a global event that encourages culinary diversity and exploration, allowing food enthusiasts to enjoy and learn about the heritage and sustainable practices of escargot farming.