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Barbie Day

Celebrate one of the world’s best known dolls – Barbie Day celebrates her debut in New York at the American International Toy Fair in 1959. More Details…All details taken directly from provider content at

Check Your Batteries Day

We all know that some days are silly or light-hearted, but there are others which serve an important purpose. Check Your Batteries Day is definitely highly recommended because it could actually save your life. Created to raise awareness of the…

Crabmeat Day

Early crab recipes called for tiny amounts of the meat because crabs were so tough to harvest and shell. Nowadays, crabmeat comes fresh, frozen, canned or even imitation — no cracking required! Source: food.com

Get Over It Day

Letting go and moving on is a difficult, painful process. Bad relationships, bad decisions—we tend to revisit the moments when we were not-so-smart …More Details…All details taken directly from provider content at

Panic Day

Date When Celebrated : Always March 9 Try to stay calm. Take a deep breath. For today is Panic Day. Can you handle today? Good, we were worried for a moment. Hopefully, everything is going just swell in your life,…

False Teeth Day

Presumably begun by cynical and canny dentists on the hunt for extra work, False Teeth Day celebrates the replacement teeth which will never let you down, even if your real teeth have! The first society known to have made dentures…