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Melba Toast Day

Melba Toast Day offers a different slant on the sandwich or snack. Why not get creative and substitute normal bread for Melba toast at lunch time? More Details…All details taken directly from provider content at

Banana Bread Day

In the 1960s, you could pick up banana puree at the market. These days, we know to use up those bananas that have seen fresher days for homemade quick bread. Source: food.com

Curling Is Cool Day

Curling is Cool Day is not dedicated to those of us naturally or otherwise endowed with glistening spiralling locks of hair. Oh, no, no! This is the day George Clooney and Bruce Springsteen get to play their all-time favourite sport…

Play Tennis Day

When : Always February 23rd Play Tennis Day is a great day to play tennis.  After all, it’s the objective of the day. Millions of Americans enjoy playing tennis. In addition to being a good sport, its good exercise, too.…

Dog Biscuit Day

Every dog has its day – and this is it. Nobody seems to know the origins of Dog Biscuit Day, but every canine in the world knows the best way to celebrate it. Pets will be wagging their tails with…