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Bologna Day
When : Always October 24 National Bologna Day is a full of baloney! Properly spelled Bologna, it is sometimes spelled ""Baloney"". It is pronounced like the latter spelling. Bologna is a sausage. It's commonly used as a luncheon meat. Mom and kids know it well. When it comes to bologna, there definitely is variety. There […]
Make a Difference Day
When: The fourth Saturday in October Initiated in 1990, this is a national day is for devoted to helping others by doing volunteer work in the community. The activity can be almost anything. On this day, millions of Americans participate in community improvement projects. It takes the form of cleanup, fixup, painting, and repair in […]
Take back your time day
An initiative to challenge the epidemic of overwork, over-scheduling and time famine that now threatens our health, our families and relationships, our communities and our environment.
United Nations Day
The anniversary of the entry into force of the United Nations Charter on 24 October 1945