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Feast of the Ass
The Feast of the Ass (Latin: Festum Asinorum or asinaria festa, French: Fête de l'âne) was a medieval, Christian feast observed on January 14, celebrating the Flight into Egypt. It was celebrated primarily in France, as a by-product of the Feast of Fools celebrating the donkey-related stories in the Bible, in particular the donkey bearing […]
Bald Eagle Day
Have you seen a bald eagle today?
Dress Up Your Pet Day
Dress Up Your Pet Day is an opportunity to wow the neighbours, and to unleash the inner diva of your favourite pooch or Persian… Why not go the extra mile, and get the little guy or gal something to match your finest glad rags – that way you can both dress to impress and really […]
Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day
For all sandwich lovers of the Joey Tribbiani level, Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day cannot come often enough. Every year on January 14, we pay homage to the wonderful sandwich-pioneers who brought this smoked meat classic, and celebrate in kind. Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day should be celebrated by a gathering of your closest friends and family, […]
Organize Your Home Day
We all find it difficult to keep our homes tidy and organised, and its oh so easy to keep putting off tasks that always seem to require too much effort and time than we care to dedicate to them.Enter Organise Your Home Day, the perfect chance to quit making excuses for one day, get down […]
Poetry At Work Day
An ode to…the time clock? The assembly line? The office computer? The poem may need some work, but this is what Poetry At Work Day is all about – finding the beauty in your job and putting it into some form of artful prose.Every day in our jobs we encounter people and situations that could […]