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Magna Carta Day

Paint The Sky With Stars

Date: June 15 Magna Carta Day commemorates the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215, a cornerstone document in the history of democracy and legal rights. This day highlights the enduring significance of the Magna Carta in shaping modern legal…

Fly A Kite Day

people standing on wooden dock

Date: June 15 Fly A Kite Day is a fun and breezy holiday that encourages people of all ages to enjoy the simple pleasure of flying a kite. Whether you’re a seasoned kite enthusiast or a beginner, this day is…

Nature Photography Day

photo of stream during daytime

Date: June 15 Nature Photography Day celebrates the art and beauty of capturing the natural world through photography. This day encourages photographers, both amateur and professional, to explore and document the wonders of nature. History Nature Photography Day was established…