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Daniel Boone Day

signage at the appalachian theatre in boone north carolina
June 7th is Daniel Boone Day, a day to commemorate the life and legacy of the legendary American pioneer and frontiersman, Daniel Boone. Known for his exploration and settlement of Kentucky, Boone's adventurous spirit and courage continue to inspire generations.


black vhs on vhs player beside remote control
VCR Day, celebrated on June 7th, pays homage to the iconic videocassette recorder (VCR), a revolutionary device that changed the way people watched and recorded television and movies. While VCRs may be obsolete in today's digital age, they hold a special place in the hearts of many as a symbol of nostalgia and innovation.

Chocolate Ice Cream Day

person holding chocolate ice cream cone
June 7th is Chocolate Ice Cream Day, a delicious celebration of one of the most beloved ice cream flavors. Whether enjoyed in a cone, cup, or sundae, chocolate ice cream delights taste buds with its rich and creamy texture and indulgent flavor.

National Tailors Day

National Tailors Day, observed on June 7th, celebrates the skilled artisans who create custom clothing and garments with precision and expertise. This day honors the craftsmanship of tailors and recognizes their contributions to the world of fashion.