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Make Up Your Mind Day
What is Make Up Your Mind Day? Make Up Your Mind Day is celebrated annually on December 31st. It encourages individuals to make decisions and be resolute, especially as the year comes to an end. It's a day to reflect on choices, set goals, and resolve any indecision before the new year begins. History of Make […]
Unlucky Day
When : Always December 31 Unlucky Day is today. We sincerely hope it's not unlucky for you. It will be unlucky for some people. It seems fitting that Unlucky Day is the last day of the year. You get the chance to get all the bad things out of the way, do next year will […]
No Interruptions Day
December 31st is, for those unlucky enough to not be on holiday, the last working day of the year. Thankfully, things tend to be quiet at the office between Christmas and New Year, and No Interruptions Day capitalises on this to encourage some productivity by getting people to ignore chatty co-workers, turn off their inboxes, unplug […]