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Job Action Day
Finding the perfect job can be difficult; never mind trying to get back into work after a period of unemployment! Job Action Day aims not to help people take action to get into work and to find a job which challenges them and makes use of their skill set, but to encourage you to think […]
Deviled Egg Day
There are many ways to prepare eggs, but one of the most delicious is to make them into deviled eggs. If you haven’t tried this method before, the perfect day to start is Deviled Egg Day.Start with a hard boiled egg, and slice it in half. Scoop out the yolk and mash it with mayonnaise […]
Look for Circles Day
When : Always November 2 Look For Circles Day  is today. Go forth, in search of circles. We suspect you will find them everywhere. Looking for circles, is a lot like swimming in a round pool. You go round and round. There's a lots of splashing. But, you don't get anywhere. Did you find lots […]
All Souls Day
Date When Celebrated : November 2 (November 3rd if the 2nd falls on a Sunday) The Christian holiday of All Soul's Day pays respect and remembers the souls of all friends and loved ones who have died and gone to heaven. It is a time to pray for their souls that they may be received […]
Traffic Directors Day
Spare a thought for the hectic and busy lives of traffic directors everywhere. Being responsible for keeping our streets and traffic systems in tip top condition is no small order.More Details...All details taken directly from provider content at