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International Frugal Fun Day
When : First Saturday in October Frugal Fun Day is today. If you dig deeply, you will find resources that describe this day as ""International"" Frugal Fun Day, and ""National"" Frugal Fun Day. However, we found no documentation supporting the International or National tags. We did find plenty of reference to the intent of this […]
Card Making Day
People give each other cards to celebrate birthdays, weddings, achievements and more, as well as to commiserate or support. But how much does your sentiment mean, if it’s simply bought from a retail chain with little thought? Take some time this Card Making Day and create something heartfelt from scratch, and show the recipient that […]
National Computing Day
Today honours all aspects of computing
Virus Appreciation Day
Viruses – whether those which affect living organisms, or computer viruses – are clever little things. Sure, they’re annoying, and it’s frustrating that even with all of our protective measures, we still get infected. Virus Appreciation Day is your chance to think about viruses philosophically, and to take a moment to consider how sophisticated, amazing and […]