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No News Is Good News Day
When : September 11th Turn off all news broadcasts. Today is No News Is Good News Day. We all could use a little good news. No Radio broadcasts. No Television newscasts. And, heaven forbid...avoid the newspaper at all costs. Your local fish wrapper is always filled with bad news. ┬áThe news media thrives on bad […]
Stand Up To Cancer Day
Stand Up To Cancer aims to form an unstoppable movement against cancer. Through TV and the internet, particularly the USA-based telethon that occurs on this day, the 9th September, famous names and the entertainment industry team up to drive home the message that together we can stop cancer.One in two men and one in three […]
Hot Cross Bun Day
Whilst hot cross buns pre-date Christianity, they were historically only eaten on Good Friday as a Christian symbol of the crucifixion. However, they are now widely available and eaten throughout the year. Hot Cross Bun Day encourages you to consider the roots of the hot cross bun, and to take a day to enjoy hot […]
Make Your Bed Day
When : September 11th It's Make Your Bed Day. Some/many of us seldom, rarely, or never make up our beds in the morning. If that's you, you're in good company. Okay, if company is coming over, mom makes you make your bed. Other than that, you arise each day and leave your sheets and bedding […]