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Strawberry Sundae Day
There is no need for a special occasion to enjoy a delicious strawberry sundae, but that doesn't stop people from celebrating Strawberry Sundae Day every year! This unofficial holiday falls on the last Sunday in June and is the perfect way to end the summer season. Whether you make your own strawberry sundae or buy […]
Chocolate Day
There’s no need for an excuse to eat chocolate. It’s delicious, and there’s a flavor for everyone. But on Chocolate Day, it’s especially worth celebrating! Chocolate has been around for centuries, and there are many reasons why it remains so popular today. For one thing, it tastes great! Chocolate is also versatile; it can be […]
Tell The Truth Day
There are many reasons why honesty is the best policy. One of those reasons is that when people are truthful, it builds trust. Trust is essential in relationships – personal and professional alike. On Tell The Truth Day, we recommit to being honest with others and honoring our commitments. Being truthful can also prevent misunderstandings […]