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Plumber’s Day
If you are a plumber, today is your special day
Pig in a Blanket Day
Pig In A Blanket Day encourages the consumption of ‘pigs in blankets’ – small pork sausages (or chipolatas) wrapped in bacon or pastry, and cooked until crispy. Chinese and eastern varieties more closely resemble mini sausage rolls.For an alternative approach to celebrating Pig In A Blanket Day, you might consider wrapping your farm animals in […]
Poem in Your Pocket Day
What better way to make friends than being prepared to spontaneously recite poetry? Prepare for Poem in Your Pocket Day by having your favourite prose tucked about your person, ready to orate at any moment!More Details...All details taken directly from provider content at
Astronomy Day
It should be called Astronomy Night, have a look up at the stars tonight
24 Hour Comics Day
A day to not only celebrate, but to engage in the creation of comics. Try to create your own full 24 page comic book in 24 consecutive hours.