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Coconut Torte Day
Seems only 51 weeks ago we were last celebrating Coconut Torte Day with a delicious, moist, coconutty coconut torte. But no, apparently it’s been a whole year! Thank goodness it’s rolled around again so soon. What could be more exciting than the smell of a cake in the oven?Not just any cake either. This will […]
Open An Umbrella Indoors Day
Everybody knows that opening an umbrella indoors is supposed to be bad luck. But is there any truth behind this age-old superstition? Fortunately for those spending sleepless nights pondering this question, there is actually a wacky holiday dedicated to finding out the truth. The aptly-named Open An Umbrella Indoors Day was invented in 2003 by […]
Jewel Day
Date When Celebrated : Always March 13th Jewel Day is your chance to give or receive jewelry. Will you receive jewelry today? Who knows? But one thing we can be certain about ....... jewelry stores love this holiday. Yesireee! Today is a jewel of a day to receive jewelry. While most people think this is […]
Earmuffs Day
Protect your ears from loud noises and protect them from the cold on Earmuffs Day!More Details...All details taken directly from provider content at
Genealogy Day
Take some time out and remember your ancestors
Ken Day
Ken Day celebrates the occasion in 1961 when Barbie’s long-term on-off boyfriend, Ken Carson, first appeared on the scene, exhibited by his makers Mattel at a toy fair. In spite of some unfair comments about his manliness, and the rather more likely suggestions that he cared more about his clothes than his love life, the […]