Coconut Torte Day

Coconut Torte Day

Seems only 51 weeks ago we were last celebrating Coconut Torte Day with a delicious, moist, coconutty coconut torte. But no, apparently it’s been a whole year! Thank goodness it’s rolled around again so soon. What could be more exciting than the smell of a cake in the oven?

Not just any cake either. This will need at least three layers of sponge. But it’s not about the sponge. It’s about the filling. Creamy. Coconutty. Close your eyes, and pretend you’re in Mexico…

You want to go for it? Good! So a regular cake mix will probably do for the sponge. Because, remember, it’s not about the sponge. If you’ve a good recipe of your own, wheel it out. For the filling, you’ll need lots of sour cream, flaked coconut and sugar. Whip it all together, and smother the sponge in it, on all sides, and in between. Then, devour.

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