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Rhubarb Day
Though cultivated since ancient times, rhubarb didn’t become popular until the Victorian era, when the masses could finally afford the other ingredient required to make its tart stalks palatable: sugar! Source:
Measure Your Feet Day
Measure Your Feet Day is a day to, well it's a day to measure your feet. At this point, we stop and ask ourselves...why? We pondered this question for a while. Then, we decided it was best not to even speculate. Celebrate today by measuring your feet. Both of them. Measure the length. Then, measure […]
Handwriting Day
National Handwriting Day is the day where everyone bring out there favorite pencils and pens to jot down one of the best calligraphy one can come up with. The most exciting part about this day is to bring the best of your creative skills in you. It doesn’t take a genius to participate on such […]
Pie Day
Everybody loves pie, arguably one of the greatest and most versatile food structures known to mankind. Sweet, savoury, filled with gravy or sauce, pies come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. Why not celebrate this Pie Day by making a pie from scratch, using your favourite fillings?More Details...All details taken directly from provider content at […]