Handwriting Day

Handwriting Day

National Handwriting Day is the day where everyone bring out there favorite pencils and pens to jot down one of the best calligraphy one can come up with. The most exciting part about this day is to bring the best of your creative skills in you. It doesn’t take a genius to participate on such occasion; it’s all about how well you can write and how good you can express.

Writing is always considered to be the best way of expressing yourself. You can write a loving letter to your parents or a confession letter to your lover. When you put something in your own writing it always makes a better impression on the person than going by the electronic mail. In this era of computers and technology one has forgot the basic means of communication and that is ‘letters’.  

Evolution of National Handwriting Day

The day was basically started by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association. In the year 1977, the association decided to promote the usage of pens, pencils and writing papers so that the manufacturers will still be in business. January 23rd is regarded as the National Handwriting day, that day is the birthday of John Hancock. He was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence.
John Hancock is now used as a synonym for signature. He was the first to make a clear and extravagant sign while signing the United States of America’s Declaration of Independence. Ever since there have been many people who have always given some value to the creative and natural art of writing, it was decided that there should be a day which is dedicated to Handwriting.

How to Celebrate

There are many ways of celebrating this day. Teachers generally encourage the students to use some calligraphy skills in the classroom. All the best ways of making the student express themselves should be encouraged in them. Awareness should be spread around the world where people come to understand the importance of the beauty of handwriting. There are many activities which as a person you can take up on this day. Some of the tips are given in this article.

  • The best activity to do on this day is to write a letter to your loved ones. You can write anything in the letter only try to write it with the best pen you have with the best handwriting. This will remind you of how beautifully you write.
  • Bake a cake and ask all your friends to put their signature on the cake with frosting.
  • Another usage of your creativity can be by writing a poem. It might be a difficult task but it will surely help you to use your non functional side of the brain. You may not win a noble prize for your poem but at least it will bring out a new side of you.
  • Try to learn about handwriting analysis. It is a beautiful art to understand and learn about the handwriting and also it is interesting to see how it can help you find the character of a person through his handwriting.
  • An autograph book is another easy way of getting in touch with your old rust pencils and pens. Ask all of your friends to give their autograph in your book.
  • The most memorable and satisfying activity would be to gift a pen to your best friend.

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