Dance Like a Chicken Day

Dance Like a Chicken Day

When: Always on May 14th

Dance Like a Chicken Day is for those who like to do the ""Chicken Dance"". All 'ya gotta do is dance like a chicken. While any dance song will do, there's no dance like the Chicken dance.

It's tradition at every wedding reception to play and to dance the Chicken Dance. It gets people of all ages up dancing and mingling. It puts a smile on everyone's face. The Chicken Dance is not limited to weddings. It is also played at other social events where there is a band and dancing.

The only problem is that events are way too frequent for a chicken dance lover. Therefore, today exists to provide you with another opportunity to dance like a chicken. So, don't pass up this priceless opportunity. 

'Cmon, big guy. Get up and dance with me!

Did You Know? Thee are more chickines than humans in the world.

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