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Houseplant Appreciation Day
Having greenery indoors, at home, and in your living room can improve your environment, freshen your air, and make a room more pleasant and colourful.┬áHouseplant Appreciation Day encourages you to look after your houseplants, to grow and maintain a variety of colourful indoor flowers, and to generally appreciate house plants!More Details...All details taken directly from […]
Bittersweet Chocolate Day
The history of Bittersweet Chocolate Day is shrouded in the froth of a hot drink. That is to say no one should spend too long thinking about the history of chocolate; it was made for eating.Bittersweet chocolate is dark chocolate that is sweetened with cane sugar. It may have a touch of vanilla, but never […]
Peculiar People Day
Peculiar People Day is in honor of uniquely different people. Un-ordinary, extraordinary, unusual, strange, odd, uncommon, intriguing, different, abnormal, and quirky.... These are all things that we think of to describe the word ""peculiar"". Most of these characteristics can be viewed as good, or not so good. Today is a day to look for the […]
Volunteer Fireman’s Day
Say thanks to a volunteer fire-fighter for all their hardwork