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English Toffee Day
This form of caramel has a pleasant crumbly snap and marries well with nuts and chocolate. Enjoy it plain or infuse baked goods with shots of its buttery goodness.Homemade English ToffeeToffee Sandwich CookiesButter Toffee CookiesHoney-Roasted Peanut Butter Toffee Swirl CookiesBrownie TrifleSour Cream Banana Cake with Toffee Bar Topping
Argyle Day
We’ve all got a favourite knitwear pattern, right? Heck, most people suffer sleepless nights trying to prioritise plaid over tartan. Well this is the day where argyle fans get to come out loud and proud. Yes, finally you can dig out all thirty-six pairs of socks you’ve hidden at the back of the wardrobe since […]
World Literacy Day
For the sake of the world, read today
Show & Tell Day At Work Day
Remember back in school when it was your turn for Show & Tell? You got to bring in your pet, your baby brother, or a medal you’d won and be the proud centre of attention for a few moments. Such fun should not have to end once you are grown up! Why not make the […]
Joy Germ Day
Seldom does the word â??germâ?? mean anything remotely positive. The very sound of the word makes your nose curl up in disgust â?? you really donâ??t want to be catching any germs! You recoil in horror as your friend says â??Donâ??t come too close; Iâ??ve got a cold.â?.There is one sort of germ that you […]
Male Watchers Day
Date When Celebrated : Always January 8th Ladies, here is a day that you can thoroughly enjoy! On Male Watcher's Day, you get the opportunity to go out and watch the guys. After all, they have their fun watching the ladies. Now, it's your turn, to hoot and holler. You can perform your Male Watching […]
Postal Day
Thank your postal worker, rain or shine you get your mail.
Bubble Bath Day
What better way to unwind than with a hot, soapy bubble bath? Bubble Bath Day encourages you to relax, so light the candles, play some soothing music and lose yourself in a favourite book for an hour or so.More Details...All details taken directly from provider content at
Earth’s Rotation Day
Ever feel like you’re just spinning around and around? Don’t worry – we all are, all the time! Earth’s Rotation Day is a little reminder that we’re all spinning out of control, and there’s nothing that we can do about it.More Details...All details taken directly from provider content at