Argyle Day

Argyle Day

We’ve all got a favourite knitwear pattern, right? Heck, most people suffer sleepless nights trying to prioritise plaid over tartan. Well this is the day where argyle fans get to come out loud and proud. Yes, finally you can dig out all thirty-six pairs of socks you’ve hidden at the back of the wardrobe since Christmas and pair them off with the spoils of raiding your grandad’s golfing gear.

For the uninitiated, argyle is one of the myriad habadashery designs created by the Scots, this particular one the official motif of Clan Campbell of Argyll in western Scotland. Heavily adopted by players of the national sport, “a good walk ruined”, it features diamond shapes in contrasting colours and endless opportunities for garish golfing fashion faux pas.

How then to mark this auspicious cotton-picking party? Short of a full-on pilgrimage to the Highlands, surely eighteen holes of outlandish clashing as you walk the fairways and greens as you would the runways of New York or Paris is mandatory. Follow that with haggis, shortbread and a knitting lesson from granny, in which you invent your own family’s official colour scheme, and you’ll have had yourself an Argyle Day to remember.

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