Oyster Day

Oyster Day

When: Always on May 5th

Oyster Day is a pearl of a day. Oysters are a shellfish, or ""mollusks"" found in both freshwater and saltwater. They often produce pearls, making Oyster Day a real gem.

In the ocean (or freshwater for some types), oysters they sift food from the water around them. In doing so, they sometimes pick up a piece of sand or grit. If that piece of sand or grit gets lodged in the oyster's system, the oyster reacts to the irritant by slowly secreting a substance called ""nacre"" around the sand. Ultimately, it develops into a pearl. Do all oysters develop a pearl? No, but wouldn't it be great to open one up to find a sparkling pearl!?

Oysters are a delicacy, enjoyed by many. Some folk love oysters, especially the ""upper crust"". Others find oysters to be an acquired taste.

Celebrate Oyster Day by eating oysters, Or, buy some pearls for yourself or that special someone.

Did You Know? Seattle, Washington is the world's largest producers of cultivated pearls. They are known as the ""Oyster Capital of the World"". 

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