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World Whisky Day
World Whisky Day is all about sharing good company, good times, and good whisky. Not a whisky person? This is a great excuse to give it a try! With events happening all over the world, from large gatherings to groups of friends sampling new varieties, why not try something a bit different?More Details...All details taken […]
Learn To Swim Day
Learn to Swim Day is a day to mark in your diary if you are keen for yourself or your child to learn to swim or to improve on existing skills. It was first celebrated in 2012, by ‘Swimways’ and the day has helped to raise public awareness about the importance of swimming.Swimming is an […]
Pack Rat Day
We’re all a little bit materialistic, and tend to buy, own and hoard more ‘stuff’ than we might really need… We’re all pack rats, hoarders of treasures and possessions. Pack Rat Day encourages us to embrace the fact that we want to keep stuff, and suggests that you shouldn’t throw your old belongings, clothes or […]
Walnut day
The California Walnut Board or Walnut Marketing Board, founded in 1933, supports the California walnut industry.[1] The organization was originally known as the Walnut Control Board, changing its name to the Walnut Marketing Board in 1962 and to the California Walnut Board in 2008.[1][2] Its formation was authorized by the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA).[1]Under the […]