Walnut day

Walnut day

The California Walnut Board or Walnut Marketing Board, founded in 1933, supports the California walnut industry.[1] The organization was originally known as the Walnut Control Board, changing its name to the Walnut Marketing Board in 1962 and to the California Walnut Board in 2008.[1][2] Its formation was authorized by the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA).[1]

Under the AAA, the Walnut Control Board was authorized to assess crops and declare a percentage as surplus. Its 1934 assessment designating 30% of the crop as surplus met with local resistance.[3] In 2009, responding to a request from the Board, the United States Department of Agriculture purchased $30 million of the crop, which was distributed to nutrition assistance programs.[4]

The AAA's application to walnuts was affirmed by Federal Marketing Order 984 in 1948. The USDA and the organization date its foundation to that year.[5][6] Federal regulations govern its operations. As of 2008, the Board consisted of five grower representatives, four handler representatives, and one member of the public, all serving two-year terms.[5]

The Board continues to implement the Marketing Order.[7] Its activities now include the promotion of walnuts in the US diet, research funding, product grading, and compilation of crop statistics.[7] The USDA oversees its operations.[8]

An analysis of its domestic marketing program, published in 2002, concluded that its cost-benefit ratio was favorable.

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