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Buddha Day
Buddha's Birthday (Nepali: बुद्ध à¤?यन्तà¥?) the birthday of the Prince Siddhartha Gautama, is a holiday traditionally celebrated in Mahayana Buddhism. According to the Theravada Tripitaka scriptures[which?] (from Pali, meaning ""three baskets""), Gautama was born in Lumbini in modern-day Nepal, around the year 563 BCE, and raised in Kapilavastu.[2][3]According to this legend, briefly after the birth […]
No Homework Day
Here’s one you may wish to hide from your children! Although if they don’t know about it, then there would not be many folks left to celebrate No Homework Day!That’s right, this is the day where children can tell their teachers and parents in complete honesty that they will not be doing their homework, in […]
Nurses Day
When : May 6-12: National Nurse's Week May 8: National Student Nurses Day May 6th: National Nurses Day Wednesday of Nurse's Week: School Nurses Day May 12: International Nurse's Day November 14: Operating Room Nurse Day What: National Nurses Week, and a number of specific Nurses Days during this week, provides recognition to nurses for their […]
Beverage Day
When: Always on May 6th Beverage Day is a chance to kick back with your favorite beverage and enjoy the day. The term ""beverage"" is broadly defined. So, were talking about celebrating all beverages today.   Beverage Day should be a day of pleasure and relaxation.  Grab a bottle, can, a glass, or  a six-pack […]