December 23rd, 2023

Roots Day

When : Always December 23

Celebrate your genealogy, as today is Roots Day.  It's a great day to celebrate your heritage. Many of us are returning to our roots today, as we head home for Christmas. Returning to our roots is a warm, cozy and comfortable feeling, a sense of belonging.

A hobby and a quest: Many people get caught up, and become captivated, with researching and uncovering their family roots. This hobby is the study of Genealogy. Genealogy can take interesting twists and turns. We often discover we come from exciting and fascinating places. We find links to famous people in history. Sometimes, we come upon dead ends to our genealogical family tree. Other times, we find a distant relative, who has performed some of the very same research. The result of the encounter could be huge sections of the family tree, literally handed to you.

Celebrate this day, by learning more about your family tree, and exploring your roots.

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Human Light

HumanLight is a Humanist holiday celebrated on December 23. Like Kwanzaa, HumanLight is a modern invention, created to provide a specifically Humanist celebration near Christmas and the northern Hemisphere's winter solstice. It was established by the New Jersey Humanist Network in 2001.[1]

Humanists have cast HumanLight as a celebration of ""a Humanist's vision of a good future."" They celebrate a positive approach to the coming new year, generally through the lens of Humanist (and particularly secular humanist) philosophyâ??secular as opposed to religious. The December 23 date allows HumanLight to connect itself to the December holiday season without interfering with other winter holidays which many Humanists may also celebrate.[2]

HumanLight began with a single event in Verona, New Jersey in 2001.[3] In 2006, there were twenty American events listed on the holiday's homepage, and the American Humanist Association became HumanLight's first national sponsor. In 2007, the first HumanLight celebration outside of the U.S. took place in Chester, England.

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Festivus is a parody secular holiday celebrated on December 23, that serves as an alternative to participating in the pressures and commercialism of the Christmas season. It has been described as ""the perfect secular theme for an all-inclusive December gathering"".[1]

Originally a family tradition of scriptwriter Dan O'Keefe, who worked on the American sitcom Seinfeld, Festivus entered popular culture after it was made the focus of a 1997 episode of the program.[1][2] The holiday's celebration, as it was shown on Seinfeld, includes a Festivus dinner, an unadorned aluminum Festivus pole, practices such as the ""Airing of Grievances"" and ""Feats of Strength"", and the labeling of easily explainable events as ""Festivus miracles"".[3]

The episode refers to it as ""a Festivus for the rest of us"", referencing its non-commercial aspect. It has also been described both as a ""parody holiday festival"" and as a form of playful consumer resistance.

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