December 6th, 2024

National Gazpacho Day

National Gazpacho Day is celebrated on December 6.  Gazpacho is a tomato-based vegetable soup which is served cold.  Originating in Andalucia in southern Spain, and Gazpacho is widely consumed in Spanish cuisine, usually during the summer months.

Use #NationalGazpachoDay to post on social media.

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Put on Your Own Shoes Day

How about putting on your shoes for a change?  Nobody wants to see those bare feet! Just kidding!

We understand  the meaning behind Wear Brown Shoe Day, celebrated just a few days ago.  But, what could possibly cause someone to create  Put on Your Own Shoes Day....hmmmmm. Perhaps, it was created by young mothers teaching their children how to put their shoes on for the first time!?

Well, regardless of what you think of the special day, we celebrate all of the holidays and special days. We are going to put our own shoes on today, and enjoy doing so. As for you....put your stinky toes into your own shoes!

Have a happy Put on Your Own Shoes Day.

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Mitten Tree Day

Mitten Tree Day is a holiday for small children but you can enjoy this day at any age!  It's the best grade school project when it's cold outside and to keep the kids entertained.

Ways to celebrate:  Have a Christmas tree (either real or cut out of poster board) and have people donate mittens for the tree and then give the mittens to those in need after Mitten Tree Day.

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Miners' Day

National Miner's Day was made possible as a national holiday on December 3, 2009, thanks to Senator Byrd, Senator Rockefeller, and Senator Reid along with the thousands of people who believe it is important to recognize the hard work and contributions of miners to the well being of all.  Miners provide us with many of the raw materials that are necessary for manufacturing and our daily lives.

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