July 28th, 2019

National Drive-Thru Day

NATIONAL DRIVE-THRU DAY – July 24 | National Day Calendar
National Drive-Thru Day is observed annually on July 24th.
Drive-Thru Day | Days Of The Year
[Every July 24th] For one day, Drive-Thru Day encourages you to live on the wild side. Forget about buying locally sourced produce, organic vegetables, and ...
National Drive-Thru Day — July 24 | National Today
National Drive-Thru Day on July 24 means that it is time for a party in your car! A meal on the road! A delicious dinner to go! We'll tell you how!
How to celebrate 'National Drive-thru Day'! | The New WARM 106.9
How to celebrate 'National Drive-thru Day'! Drive-thrus have been around since the 1930's. It started with banking, and now, coffee houses, pharmacies, and ...
National Drive-Thru Day - the year of LIVING UNOFFICIALLY
National Drive-Thru Day is observed annually on July 24th to celebrate America's drive-thru service industry.
Where to Find a Free Bite on National Drive-Thru Day 2016 - Philly
Jul 21, 2016 - National Drive-Thru Day is July 24, and many fast food chains are celebrating the holiday with discounts and freebies.

Milk Chocolate Day

NATIONAL MILK CHOCOLATE DAY – July 28 | National Day Calendar
July celebrates chocolate as often as February, and on the 28th it is the ever popular National Milk Chocolate Day! Solid chocolate, when combined with either ...
Milk Chocolate Day | Days Of The Year
[Every July 28th] How is milk chocolate different from other chocolates? It's a mix of cocoa solids and either dry or condensed milk. While dark chocolate is ...
Fun Holiday – Milk Chocolate Day - TimeAndDate.com
The holiday is dedicated the most popular type of chocolate – milk chocolate.
National Milk Chocolate Day – July 28 | National Today
Jul 28, 2017 - Calling all chocolate lovers! National Milk Chocolate Day is on July 28. We have the best delectable recipes, celebration ideas, and more.
National Milk Chocolate Day - Punchbowl
Did you know that chocolate actually has mood-enhancing benefits? That's right—chocolate can make you happy! Learn more about National Milk Chocolate ...
July 28th is National Milk Chocolate Day | Foodimentary - National ...
July 28th is National Milk Chocolate Day. John-Bryan Hopkins. Posted on July 28, 2016. High-res version. Five Facts about Chocolate: More than 50 percent of ...