June 12th, 2023

Jerky Day

Jerky Day is a new celebration, having been started in 2012, and it was obviously started to help boost sales of the dried jerky treat that so many people enjoy. However, despite that, the popularity of the salty treat means that it is already a popular day to celebrate, and there is no greater way than to head to a local barbecue or event that has been set up especially to celebrate the occasion.

Jerky is created by first trimming the fat from lean meat, and then leaving the resulting cut to dry. Salt is usually added to aid the drying process and bacteria is removed during the drying and salting process. Jerky can be made from virtually any meat, and combined with other ingredients, and this means that, as well as beef jerky, it is possible to buy and enjoy dried products ranging from kangaroo to alligator.

Loving Day

Loving Day is an annual celebration held on June 12, the anniversary of the 1967 United States Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia which struck down all anti-miscegenation laws remaining in sixteen U.S. states citing ""There can be no doubt that restricting the freedom to marry solely because of racial classifications violates the central meaning of the equal protection clause.""[1][2][3] In the United States, anti-miscegenation laws were U.S. state laws banning interracial marriage, mainly forbidding marriage between non-whites and whites. Loving Day is not yet an official recognized holiday by the U.S. government, but there is a movement to persuade U.S. President Barack Obama to make it so.[4][5] Loving Day is the biggest multiracial celebration in the United States.

Peanut Butter Cookie Day

Most people are familiar with peanut butter for use on sandwiches, while peanut butter cookies are yummy snacks that can be enjoyed any time but especially on Peanut Butter Cookie Day.

The ancient Aztecs and Incas made a paste by mashing roasted peanuts, and that was the first known peanut butter. Peanut butter cookies have been popular since the early 1900s, and in 1913 the wife of the 28th US President, Woodrow Wilson, published a list of her cookie recipes including one for Peanut Cookies that used peanut butter.

To promote peanuts in 1916 a bulletin called “How to Grow the Peanut and 105 Ways of Preparing it for Human Consumption” was released that included 3 different recipes for cookies.

Celebrate Peanut Butter Cookie Day by baking your own cookies using a traditional recipe – make sure to put traditional crisscross fork marks on top – then enjoy eating them with friends and family.

Red Rose Day

When : Always June 12th

Red Rose Day is a time to enjoy and appreciate America's favorite flower.....the red rose. A red rose signifies love. A June setting for Red Rose Day is very appropriate, as this is by far the most popular month for weddings. And, they are in bloom in the gardens across America this month.

In addition to being the most popular cut flower, roses are also the most popular flower in flower beds and around foundation of houses, garages and sheds. They are easy to grow, producing a bounty of sweet scented flowers from June up to the first frost.

Did you know? Each rose color sends a different meaning to the recipient. Make sure you send the right message. Rose colors and their meaning

Celebrate Red Rose Day by:


Superman Day

Whatâ??s that?! There in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! Itâ??s the Man of Tomorrow! Superman has gone by many names over the years, but one thing has remained the same. He has always stood for whatâ??s best about humanity, all of our potential for terrible destructive acts, but also our choice to not act on the level of destruction we could wreak.

Superman was first created in 1933 by Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, the writer and artist respectively. His first appearance was in Action Comics #1, and that was the beginning of a long and illustrious career for the Man of Steel. In his unmistakable blue suit with red and white stripes, and the stylized red S on his chest, the figure of Superman has become one of the most recognizable in the world.

Superman has been through a lot of changes since his initial creation, his original Golden Age incarnation actually being a villainous character that bears absolutely no resemblance to our current hero. Superman as we know and love him today didnâ??t appear until Action Comics #1, published on April 18, 1938. Such was his success that he got his own comic in 1939, and the world has never looked back since.

Since that time, our boy in blue has seen appearances in every form of media the world has to offer. Comic books, video games, movies, novels, stickers, T-shirts, there isnâ??t a place that the Man of Steel hasnâ??t made an appearance. Heâ??s even been represented in more than one TV show throughout the years, most recently â??Smallvilleâ?, which retells his time as a youth in the town he grew up in. Examining the Man of Steel during his developmental phases shows him in a rarely seen state of vulnerability, living through the turbulence of adolescence.

How to Celebrate Superman Day

For those desiring to celebrate Superman Day, there are many options that range from entertaining to altruistic. The best way to celebrate Superman Day is to host a Superman themed get together with your friends, complete with a cake decorated with the iconic S emblem. For the dastardly a little green food coloring can change Marshmallow Crispy Bars into Kryptonite bars, and a trampoline in the yard will give everyone a bit of the experience of flying like the Man of Steel. Finish it all off with a marathon of movies and youâ??ll have a â??Super Celebrationâ? this day.

For those looking to be a bit more altruistic, Superman Day is also a great day to remember what the Man of Steel actually stood for. The Red, White, and Blue of his uniform stood for what made America great, which at that time was a desire for Justice, to help those in need, and a powerful spirit. So you could spend your day working at Soup Kitchens, Blood Drives, or a volunteer organization that serves your community. The opportunities to be a little bit â??Superâ? are limitless, just get out there and help your fellow man!



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