June 7th, 2023

National Tailors Day

In the United States, National Tailors Day is celebrated annually on the first Wednesday in June. The day was created to honor the tailors who have contributed to the fashion industry and made it what it is today. 

Tailors are a special breed of professionals who make sure that our clothes fit well and look great. They often work behind-the-scenes in order to help us look our best for important occasions or just everyday life. On National Tailors Day, we should take a moment to appreciate all that these hardworking individuals do for us! 

There are many reasons why we should celebrate National Tailors Day. First of all, tailoring services can be expensive, so when we find a good tailor, we should be thankful! Good tailoring can make clothes look like they were custom-made for us, which is definitely something to be proud of. 

Additionally, most people don’t know how much work goes into making clothing look good – it’s not as easy as you might think! A tailor must have an eye for detail and understand how different fabrics hang in order to create an outfit that looks polished and put together. 

So this first Wednesday in June let's take some time out of our busy schedules and show appreciation towards those who help us dress better than ever before - Our national tailors!

Daniel Boone Day

Put on those 'coon skin caps


In this digital age, how many people still own collections of VCR box sets of favourite TV shows, old favourites and movies that are unavailable or simply haven’t been purchased on DVD? VCR day is dedicated to the humble video, and celebrates the simple elegance of analogue recording and playback.

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Chocolate Ice Cream Day

When : Always June 7th

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is a great day to eat America's favorite flavor of ice cream.

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is a field day for ice cream makers. However, we probably don't need any additional incentive to eat Chocolate Ice Cream. And, with the arrival of warm, summer weather, cooling off with a little (or a lot) of chocolate ice cream is a natural.

Celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day by enjoying it a few times today. It's as simple as that. Just make sure to eat  it quickly before it melts in the summer heat.

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