May 23rd, 2023

Lucky Penny Day

When: Always on May 23rd

It's Lucky Penny Day. Perhaps a Lucky Penny will be lucky for you today.

Taken at face value, a penny doesn't buy you much, if anything. It used to. During your parents and grandparents days, a penny bought a lot of things. Most notably, Penny Candy got its name because a piece of candy cost a penny. Inflation year after year after year, eroded the penny's value. There has even been some discussion as to whether to discontinue the penny....Heaven forbid!

The penny still serves a very useful purpose...  at least some of them are lucky pennies.  Lucky pennies are found on the ground. Not all of the pennies you find will be lucky. But, it will only take one lucky penny used to scratch off the mega winner on a a scratch-off ticket.

Are you superstitious? Superstition has it that you should only pick up a penny that is lying face up.

Here are some other uses for pennies:

  • A penny for your thoughts.
  • To put your ""two cents"" in.
  • A necessity for penny pinchers
  • A handy screwdriver when nothing else is available.

Thought: for Today: ""A penny for your thoughts.""

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Don't Fry Day

Although it might sound more like a dieter’s mantra, Don’t Fry Day is actually an initiative of the Council for Skin Cancer Prevention.

With the days of tanning and basking in the sun all day long behind us, the words on everyone’s lips these days is ‘slip, slop, slap and wrap’, encouraging sun worshippers to slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen (SPF 30 and above is ideal), slap on a hat, and wrap on sunglasses. This day is a great opportunity to teach kids about being sun smart in a light-hearted way.

Rather than staying out in the sun all day, why not celebrate by holding an indoor picnic and having a movie marathon? Or if the weather’s nice, grab some friends, a beach umbrella, and have some sun smart fun in the great outdoors. Just remember to follow the rules, and slip, slop, slap and wrap between the hours of 10 and 4!

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Title Track Day

Some albums are defined by a single track, ones that tie the entire album together and will be the banner for the sound it brings, and often the best of these are the title track of the album. Title Track Day is a day to dust off and break out those albums whose artists have nailed it, and placed the most iconic of a collections music right there on the label. Title tracks are, simply put, the song on an album that shares the name of the album itself.

Occasionally you get a brilliant trifecta that sets off a chain reaction that goes on to define a band. Black Sabbath produced an album that was self-titled, with a track of the same name that went on to define the band itself. The deep sonorous tones implemented the “diabla in musica”, or the devil’s chord, a discordant set of notes used to represent satanic influences since time immemorial in western music. The band was off to a running start in its desire to create the ‘horror movie’ equivalent of music.

Title tracks tend to be the most memorable of an albums songs, as Quiet Riots “Metal Health” album demonstrates beautifully. While not quite as popular as the second track on the album “Cum on feel the noize”, the song Metal Health makes you want to Bang Your Head within the first few bars. While they went on to produce many more albums after this, this song and the album it came from is by far one of their most memorable.

When a title track really shines and does its job, it sets the theme for an entire album, and this is the case with Metallicas “Master of Puppets”. As an album “Master of Puppets” speaks of control and abusing power, and is far and away the magnum opus of this particular band. The title track is specifically referencing the way a drug addiction can rule a person’s life, pulling their strings so that everything is about the drug, and serving the addiction.

A lesser known definition of title track is a song that shares the name with the movie it is a part of. There have been many movies which were made more memorable by a song as powerful as the movie itself. One well-known example is the movie “Never-Ending Story” and the song of the same name that was on the lips of fans even now. This song captures the spirit of the film perfectly, and draws the viewer into the magical adventure to follow.

Sometimes you see these two coming together into a glorious union, such as Princes “Purple Rain” which is the Title of an Album, the name of a movie, and the title track from that movie. This movie falls under a rare sort of film known as the “American Rock Drama”, and is the perfect example of a title track.

So on Title Track Day, get out your movies, your old albums, and build a soundtrack for your day entirely from title tracks! If you’re feeling particularly brave, dress up as your favorite character from a film with an awesome title track and watch it with a group of friends. Or if you’d rather get out on the town, go down to a local Karaoke bar and belt out some of your favorite tunes! Whatever you do, don’t let Title Track Day go by without enjoying some of the best music of the ages!

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World Turtle Day

The worlds loves a turtle


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