Roots Day

Roots Day

When : Always December 23

Celebrate your genealogy, as today is Roots Day.  It's a great day to celebrate your heritage. Many of us are returning to our roots today, as we head home for Christmas. Returning to our roots is a warm, cozy and comfortable feeling, a sense of belonging.

A hobby and a quest: Many people get caught up, and become captivated, with researching and uncovering their family roots. This hobby is the study of Genealogy. Genealogy can take interesting twists and turns. We often discover we come from exciting and fascinating places. We find links to famous people in history. Sometimes, we come upon dead ends to our genealogical family tree. Other times, we find a distant relative, who has performed some of the very same research. The result of the encounter could be huge sections of the family tree, literally handed to you.

Celebrate this day, by learning more about your family tree, and exploring your roots.

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