Frappe Day

Frappe Day

When : Always October 4th

National Frappe Day is today. It's time to make, or buy, and drink your favorite Frappe.

One might consider Frappes to have an identity crisis. It's made of many different things. The dictionary definition of Frappes is that it is an ice cream beverage drink. So, what's with all of the confusion? First of all, some definitions and recipes, are the same as the ingredients for a milkshake. Also, many frappe recipes do not call for ice cream at all. Some use whipped cream. Other recipes use yogurt in place of ice cream. Other recipes still, include alcohol.  

Do you care what the official definition of Frappes is? Of course not. You just care that it tastes so good, that you clamor for more. Thanks to its popularity, there are recipes galore. Perhaps the most popular today, are coffee and mocha frappes, served by coffee shops and cafes.

BTW: There's a reason why National Frappe Day occurs in October. That's so we can enjoy Pumpkin Frappe.

Here's wishing you a very Happy National Frappe Day. Bottoms up.

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