Make Your Bed Day

Make Your Bed Day

When : September 11th

It's Make Your Bed Day. Some/many of us seldom, rarely, or never make up our beds in the morning. If that's you, you're in good company. Okay, if company is coming over, mom makes you make your bed. Other than that, you arise each day and leave your sheets and bedding in a crumpled pile, pouring over the side, and onto the floor.

No one can claim that making the bed is a fun chore. Today is the day to arise and make your bed for a change. Speaking of change, as you celebrate Make Your Bed Day, it just might be a good idea to change the sheets first.

Here's a suggestion for those of you who faithfully make your bed every day of the year. Take a break. Rename today to be 'Don't Make your Bed Day!'

Your mom will be so happy!

Have a very happy Make Your Bed Day.

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