Absinthe Day

Absinthe Day

Absinthe has been a beverage celebrated by artists and aristocrats for centuries, so it should only make sense that fans of this “green fairy” are eager to take part in a holiday simply known as Absinthe Day.

Touted for its innate ability to inspire such writers as Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde (to name but a few), this tempting alcoholic beverage is known to be a mild hallucinogenic to some of those who experience the allures of the “green muse”. Absinthe Day is another way to celebrate the fact that the popularity of this drink has resurfaced in recent times.

Not surprisingly, the main way to celebrate Absinthe Day is to purchase a local bottle and have a glass or two. Thankfully, there are over two hundred different types of absinthe to be found in Europe and the United States, so enjoying this alcoholic homage has indeed never been easier!

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