The Inbox Day

The Inbox Day

Two ways to participate

1. Participate by yourself


Schedule one hour.


Start cleaning! Use your own method or see our tips.


Let others know how many emails you deleted. Share your score here.

2. Participate with your workmates

So itâ??s not a surprise that as we observed, surveyed and interviewed well over 1000 office workers as part of a project called Redesigning 925 in 2012, one of the biggest issues that came up was email. People even told us that the best way to deal with email is â?to wish it disappearsâ?.

Lack of control makes us less creative, less productive and worse decision-makers.

The Inbox Day challenges you to have a cleaning day inside your inbox.

If it feels right, you can start developing a new habit of keeping your inbox uncluttered and your mind clear.

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