Decembeaver begins

Decembeaver begins

Literally tens of women are celebrating the female version of Movember this year – Decembeaver. As the official sponsor of Decembeaver, we’re here with a guide to keeping your muff den under wraps during this hairy month.

Tip #1

Use lotion. The first week of Decembeaver will be the hardest. Avoid the embarrassment of having to itch your pubis in public by using some lotion to soften your dry skin.

Tip #2

Don’t take pictures. As much as men may say they’d like to see photos of your Decembeaver progress – take it from us, they don’t. It just takes one bad vagina pic to make him never want to go down there again.

Tip #3

We must warn you, it will be much harder to turn that booty call into a wedding bell with these antics – but you should still participate.

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