National Freedom Day

National Freedom Day

National Freedom Day, always celebrated on February 1st, celebrates freedom from slavery.  It also recognizes that America is a symbol for freedom.  It honors the signing by Abraham Lincoln of a joint House and Senate resolution that later became the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution   President Lincoln signed the Amendment outlawing slavery on February 1, 1865.  It was not ratified by the states however, until later on December 18, 1865.

On this day many towns have festivals and celebrations.  Others  reflect on the freedoms that the United States honors as well as reflect on and appreciate the goodwill of the United States.  For many years, wreath laying at the Liberty Bell has also been a tradition to mark National Freedom Day.  LET FREEDOM RING.


A former slave by the name of Major Richard Robert Wright Sr. created National Freedom Day.  Major Wright was looked upon as a great leader in the community.  It was believed by Major Wright, that this day needed to be celebrated.

Because of Abraham Lincolnâ??s signing the 13th Amendment outlawing slavery on February 1, 1865, February 1st was chosen as the day for National Freedom Day.  On June 30, 1948, President Harry Truman signed a bill proclaiming February 1st as the first official National Freedom Day in the United States.

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