Secret Pal Day

Secret Pal Day

January 11th is the date when people celebrate Secret Pal Day all over the world. This is a very special day for all friends as there is nothing more precious than having a true friend. Therefore, value your friends and feel lucky to be blessed with good friends in your life.

Though the origin of Secret Pal Day is still not known, January 11th is declared world wide as this day. There are many activities that a person can do for friends. One can organize a party or just gift something to your friend. Below are a few Secret Pal Day ideas:

Secret Pal Day Ideas

Baking a Gift- If you are looking to surprise your secret pal then you can try gifting something baked. You can make cookies in the shape of a heart coated with sugar. This is made of dough and to make it look attractive you can add some pink food color. You can also give different shapes to it like heart, circle or square. The cookies can also be coated with chocolate and cream. Get some colorful papers and gift wrap them. Place the colorful cookies in a basket and gift it to your friend.

There is nothing better than seeing your secret pal delighted and happy. This is a great gift that you can give to a friend. So sit back and enjoy with your friend.

Be Creative- It’s time to be a little more creative. If you like painting or sculptures then gift your secret pal with one of them. You can pick anything from a card or just use your imagination to paint. Painting doesn’t mean you do it only on paper; it can be done on any object like a t-shirt, pot, and shoes. This for sure your friend would treasure and remember it. You can choose bright colors to paint.  

Other creative things like knitting, craft work or stitching can also be gifted to your secret pal. You can also decorate a mug or a photo frame with paper flowers and glitter. If you sit back and think, you can come up with many ideas to make your secret pal day special.

Candy Crafts

Candy craft can be a very exciting thing to do. You can buy candies and decorate them in different shapes. Take a hard board and after wrapping the candies in colorful paper, hang then on the board. Along with it, stick some paper flowers, hearts and ribbons.

Another idea is to purchase scented candles. Wrap them with silver and gold strings. One can also stick small metal stars and hearts on it. Even ribbons can be tied around it to make it look good.

If you and your secret pal want to have fun, then plan a party or a picnic. These small things are always a pleasant surprise. Make January 11th as one of your most memorable day and cherish every moment with your secret pal by celebrating the Secret Pal Day for you and your friend.

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