Shortbread Day

Shortbread Day

On Shortbread Day, one needs to keep things short and sweet! Shortbread (not to be confused with shortcake) is an absolutely delicious kind of cookie (sweet biscuit). It is usually made with one part sugar, two parts butter, and three parts white flour. Slightly less traditional recipes can also see such ingredients as chocolate chips added to the mixture.

After being baked, it is cut while still warm into squares/rectangles or slices like a pizza pie, and then allowed to cool. It can then be enjoyed with a coffee, cup of tea, or just on its own. Warning: it will be almost impossible to stop at just one piece, for it oozes delicious, buttery, crumbly goodness with every bite!

Shortbread is one of life’s luxuries that many people associate with feel-good holidays and special events – good times that are remembered with fondness. Why not, therefore, sit back with a large piece of shortbread and think for a moment about this lovely treat? Happy Shortbread Day!

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