Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

Just in case you haven’t indulged enough over the festive and new year periods, Chocolate Covered Cherry Day is an excuse to break open another box of cherry liqueurs and dig right in! The idea behind chocolate-covered cherries is incredible simple: chocolate is delicious. So are cherries. So one day someone said, “Why not combine the two and make something even better?” and the chocolate-covered cherry was born!

The History of Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day

Chocolate covered cherries were introduced to the world by Cella’s Confections in New York in 1929 and were an immediate hit, quickly becoming famous the world over. Years later, in 1985, Cella’s Confections was bought from the Masarik Family by Tootsie Roll, though the family is still part owners of the product. Today, almost 90 years after they were made for the first time, Cella’s chocolate covered cherries are famous the world over for their liquid center and extra gooey taste.

How to Celebrate Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day

The best way to celebrate Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day is, of course, to make your own chocolate-covered cherries. Over the years since the first chocolate-covered cherries appeared at Cella’s, there have been tens if not hundreds of recipes for the sweet, each just a little different, but each unique.

The recipe we’ve decided to provide is a bit of a twist on the original idea, because we’re adding one more ingredient to the mix: marzipan. And we’re going to tell you how to make the marzipan, too! And to those of you who may be saying, “It was supposed to be a recipe for chocolate-covered cherries!”, we say: let’s be honest, nothing in this world has ever been made worse by adding marzipan to it!

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