Bow Tie Day

Official Site of National Bow Tie Day 2020
We pay tribute to those that honor the timeless style of the bow tie on this special day of celebration.
Bow Tie Day (28th August) | Days Of The Year
Aug 28, 2020 — Bow Tie Day. A whirring noise in the distance, followed by a male in a bow tie and a female in a summer dress running out of a blue police box.
National Bow Tie Day 2020 - National Awareness Days ...
Aug 28, 2020 — August the 28th is National Bow Tie Day! If you're a fan of a neck tie why not jazz things up a bit and wear a bow tie to celebrate this occasion!
Happy National Bow Tie Day! -
Let's face it. Bow ties are cool, and we're pleased as punch to have a national day to celebrate the only traditionally correct neckwear to pair with a tuxedo!
Bow Tie Day – Fun Holiday -
August 28 is Bow Tie Day, an annual holiday that celebrates the elegant fashion accessory usually worn by men at formal occasions. Celebrate this sartorial ...
International Bow Tie Day — Zimbowties
What started as National Bow Tie Day in the States has grown to become a worldwide phenomenon with people donning eye-catching bow ties every August 28 ...