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Bathtub Day

Bathtub Day (7th October) | Days Of The Year
Oct 7, 2020 — Bathtub Day is more than just an excuse to while away the time as you immerse yourself in the warm waters of your bathroom; it is a day to ...
Bathtub Party Day (5th December) | Days Of The Year
History of Bathtub Party Day. Thomas and Ruth Roy run this nice little website with various quirky holidays recipes and a selection of herbs and essential oils for ...
National Bathtub Day - October 7, 2020 | Happy Days 365
Oct 7, 2020 — National Bathtub Day is celebrated on October 7th of every year. It's time for taking bath probably a good soak. Spend some time on your bathtub, relax and enjoy taking a nice bathing. National Bathtub Day encourages people from all over the world to take a bathtub soak.
BATHTUB PARTY DAY - December 5 - National Day Calendar
Bathtub Party Day encourages us all to skip the ordinary shower and linger in the tub instead. On December 5th, add some suds to the tub and pamper yourself.
Bathtub Day | Holiday | Checkiday.com
Oct 7, 2020 — Although plumbing systems for bathing date back to around 3300 BCE, the earliest found bathtub dates to about 1700 BCE, and was found in ...
Read in the Bathtub Day | Holiday | Checkiday.com
Feb 9, 2020 — Today is dedicated to two relaxing pastimes: taking a bath and reading books. It is unknown who started the day, but troubles and stresses are ...