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ham burger with vegetables
Another Hamburger Day
Another Hamburger Day is a fun and lighthearted celebration of everyone's favorite comfort food. Whether you prefer yours topped with cheese, lettuce, and tomato or piled high with bacon and barbecue sauce, indulge in a juicy burger and savor every delicious bite.
man piercing woman
International Body Piercing Day
International Body Piercing Day celebrates the art of body piercing and its cultural significance around the world. From ancient rituals to modern expressions of self-expression, body piercing has a rich history spanning centuries. Whether you're a fan of piercings or simply curious about the practice, take this day to learn more about its traditions and evolution.
dalgona coffee with tapioca pearls
Tapioca Day
Tapioca Day celebrates the unique and versatile ingredient made from the cassava plant. Whether you enjoy it in traditional puddings, bubble teas, or savory dishes, tapioca adds texture and flavor to a variety of culinary creations. Take this day to explore the many delicious ways to incorporate tapioca into your meals.
man chopping woods with an axe
Paul Bunyan Day
Paul Bunyan Day commemorates the legendary lumberjack of American folklore. Known for his larger-than-life stature and incredible feats of strength, Paul Bunyan is a beloved figure in American culture. Celebrate this day by sharing tall tales of Paul's adventures or enjoying activities that honor his legacy.