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man sitting playing accordion
Buy a Musical Instrument Day
Buy a Musical Instrument Day, celebrated on May 22, nurtures the love for music by encouraging people to buy new instruments. While its origins are unclear, the day emphasizes self-expression through music, offering a chance for everyone from novices to seasoned musicians to enhance their skills. Special promotions by music shops and a push toward music education highlight the day's mission to inspire and unite through the universal language of music. This celebration promotes both the joy of creating music and the preservation of diverse musical traditions.
six white boats under horizons
Maritime Day
On May 22, Maritime Day is celebrated globally, honoring the history and impact of seafaring. Originating in the U.S. in 1933, it commemorates the SS Savannah's maiden voyage in 1819, marking steam-powered transatlantic travel. The day highlights maritime contributions to global trade and prosperity, recognizes seafarers' bravery, and emphasizes the importance of sustainable maritime practices. Celebrations vary from parades to exhibitions, collectively cherishing a rich maritime legacy and advocating for ocean conservation.
moncohrome photo of duomo di milano
Goth Day
May 22 is celebrated as Goth Day, honoring the goth subculture that appreciates the darker, melancholic side of life through its music, fashion, and art. Originating in the UK in 2009 from a BBC Radio initiative, it encourages both goths and enthusiasts to engage in various activities that reflect the culture’s rich heritage. Goth culture, emerging from the post-punk scene, not only revels in unique music and distinctive fashion but also supports diversity and individuality, urging everyone to appreciate and partake in its deep-rooted legacy.