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Lei Day
The most common festivities on Lei Day are hula, lei making demonstrations and contests, and the crowning of the Lei Queen and her court. What better way to celebrate Lei Day than by booking a trip to one of Hawaii’s many resorts!Each island has its own Lei, traditional to each made with flowers, fruit and vines […]
School Principals’ Day
Along with lawyers and bankers, school principals are in a small group of jobs whose holders are often hated and only rarely appreciated. That should change on School Principals’ Day, the origin of which is unknown but can probably be credited to teachers’ unions!Though the job title varies between countries (‘School Principal’ is used in […]
New Home Owners Day
If you’ve recently taken the plunge and purchased a house, New Home Owners Day is the perfect time to celebrate your new home! This is your day to forget the stresses of the whole process and bask in your accomplishments.Even better, why not schedule your housewarming for the occasion? Invite all of your friends and […]
Global Love Day
As we continue to connect with people and organizations around the world, we are amazed at how much is being done in efforts to positively assist humanity. There are so many wonderful people and associations that are actively working on behalf of a community, nation and even in global proportions. As we often remind ourselves, […]
CSS Reboot Day
Its CSS Reboot Day Today. Today webmasters from all over the world will launch their web standards-based redesigns simultaneously, bringing traffic, interest and respect to their sites.More Details...All details taken directly from provider content at
No Pants Day
Feeling constrained by your clothing, relaxing in the privacy of your own home, and wanting to feel the breeze on your bare legs? No Pants Day is the perfect opportunity to brandish your pasty white ankled, and to liberate you legs!More Details...All details taken directly from provider content at
Save the Rhino Day
When: Always on May 1st Q: What animal has roamed the earth for over a million years, and has been hunted to near extinction? A: You guessed it, the Rhinoceros. Save the Rhino Day encourages us to be aware of, and support efforts to save the Rhinoceros from extinction. The Rhinoceros is a fascinating creature. […]
Mother Goose Day
When: Always on May 1st Mother Goose Day was created only recently, as a day to appreciate nursery rhymes and stories. They are a favorite of children and their parents. The term ""Mother Goose"" dates back to the 1650's. It refered to stories like Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty. It does not […]
Batman Day
If you are of the opinion that there are not enough days set aside to celebrate fictional vigilantes, who dress up as flying creatures in order to tackle crime, then we agree with you. Fortunately, there is one such date set aside every year – Batman Day.The purpose of Batman Day is to celebrate the […]
Beat Up a White Kid Day
Beat Up a White Kid Day is the colloquial name for racially motivated attacks occurring on May 1stin which Negroes, Mestizos, and other people of color randomly seek out European American (Caucasian) children and attack them. The phenomenon was first publicized by Cleveland, Ohio newspapers in 1993 following the national appeal for calm by Rodney […]